INGMOs File Encryptor

Straightforward user friendly and powerful file based Encryptor
Fast, Powerful, Secure, Safe and Simple to use
Chose from two encryption technologies, separate or combined
Encrypt 1 file, or 100,000 files
Advanced multi threading, works with 20 files or more at the same time
Work in Safe mode or in Advanced mode
Safety first! Experienced users can switch to advanced mode for more options
Super user friendly
Templates will store all your options and keys, you enter data just once and for all
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About INGMOs File encryptor

What it is
The File Encryptor is a powerful and userfriendly Windows application which will encrypt files, on a per file basis. That is, one or more files residing is a specific directory, as well as all files residing in any subdirectory below the top directory.
It is suitable for those who want to protect their files on local storage media. The files can then remain on local drives, or you can put them in the cloud. Having encrypted the file before uploading them to the cloud, you can be absolutely sure that they can never be exploited by others.
This tool is not designed for encrypting operating systems, volumes, hard drives etc. You can encrypt one single file, or one hundred thousand files.

What is is not
There is no automation, no real-time background encryption, so you cannot encrypt operating systems and / or whole drives.

Directory based or Drag & Drop
You can encrypt / decypt all files in a directiory, including sub directories. Or you can drag and drop one or more files, and process them immediately.

INGMOs File Encryptor is powerful! Files encrypted with this application will, for all practical scenarios, and most theoretical scenarios, be impossible to decrypt, without having the correct two-part key and salt combination.

All INGMOs products currently use the Node locked, Single Use license model. The licence is tied to the computer which registered the application. It is possible to unregister on the first PC, and then register again on a different PC, if you want to move the application to another machine.

User friendliness
File Encryptor is developed for a daily, practical use of the tool. Emphasizes has been put on making the application super user friendly, by implementing means for avoiding repetitive operations. All your settings and choices, including the key and salt combination, can be stored in templates, and you can add as many templates as you wish. The templates themselves can be stored using your own password, or using a built in computer based unique password.

Safe mode
Encryptor has two Modes, a Safe Mode and an Advanced Mode. If you stay in Safe Mode, your data will normally be secure, neither file deletions nor overwrites will take place. Additionally, there are several warning levels, you can turn them off when they appear.
Important: From the Edit menu you can copy your current keys, settings and chosen options to the clipboard, and then print it all out, using Notepad or Word or any other application. This way, you can store key data in a safe place, and thus keep it safe, even if your computer fails.

Advanced mode
Only use File Encryptor if you are familiar with the Windows way of organizing files, in drives, directories and sub directories. If you are an experience user, you can switch to Advanced Mode. This gives you more control over file management, however, with flexibility comes responsibility.

System requirements
File Encryptor will run on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
And it will run on Windows Server 2012 and upwards.
It requires the .Net runtime version 4.6.1 to be installed, and normally it is, on most Windows PCs today. If not, the installer will take care of it. The installation will occupy less than 30 Mb, and it will work fine and adjust itself to any amount of available RAM on the PC it runs.
If in doubt about system compatibility, you can download the evaluation version for free, and check.

Safety first!
Only use File Encryptor if you are familiar with the Windows way of organizing files, in drives, directories and sub directories. If you switch to Advanced Mode, there is an option to clear the destination directory, and if you select the wrong destination directory, you might lose important files.
Do store your key-salt combination in a safe place, print it out on paper! If you lose your key, there is no way to decrypt your files again, they will become unreadable and unusable, forever.

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