INGMOs Camtacius for TechSmith Camtasia

Save and restore your Camtasia 2020 workspace
Don't waste time on repetitive tasks..
Use your precious time on creative work!
Let INGMOs Camtacius do the tedious jobs
Automatically reposition the timeline when detached
Suitable for most monitor setups
Four separate workspaces will take care of your needs
INGMOs Camtacius for Windows 10 is Free
Installs in a snap - easy to use
About INGMOs Camtacius
What it is
Camtacius is a light weight utility for managing the TechSmith Camtasia workspace.
Camtasia is a fantastic product, and for many the preferred tool for making documentation, video tutorials and all kinds of recordings of what happens on the computer screen.

With version 2020, CamTasia got even better, lots of new great features. Worth mentioning here, is the ability to detach the timeline from the main application. This is practical for all, and most for those of you who work with multiple monitors.
For the time being, Camtasia will not store your workspace. So the next time you start Camtasia, you need to repeat the task of detaching the timeline and realigning it manually, the way you prefer on your monitors setups.

How it works
INGMOs Camtacius is a utility that will register your Camtasia workspace, save it, and restore it the next time you start Windows and/or Camtasia. And thereby save you time.
INGMOs Camtacius is freeware, and as such, it has not been tested extensively. Thereby it might have some flaws and peculiarities.  However, INGMOs believes that it will be practical, and that you will find it useful.
This application will start every time you start Windows, and run silently in the background. It will not use any noticable resources at all, worth mentioning.
It will sit in your system tray, do its job, and it is accessible from there, when you click the Camtacius icon.

INGMOs Camtacius is a free product. And can be used as much as you like, provided you follow the End User License Agreement you agree to when you install the software.
(Which is the general, normal conditions, for most software)

If you like Camtacius

Please consider donating! It will support furter development of this, and similar free products.

Our philosophy is to make software more user friendly, by avoiding repetitive tasks and make the user-interfaces intuitive and easy to use.
And - if you like Camtacius - please tell others about it!
If somenting does not work as expected - tell us.

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