New INGMOs File Encryptor Version 1.0

Fast, Powerful, Secure, Safe and Simple to use
Chose from two encryption technologies, separate or combined
Encrypt 1 file, or 100,000 files
Advanced multi threading, works with 20 files or more at the same time
Work in Safe mode or in Advanced mode
Safety first! Experienced users can switch to advanced mode for more options
Super user friendly
Templates will store all your options and keys, you enter data just once and for all
Take advantage of the introductory price now!
Purchase now! The introductory price will be available only for a short period
Try before you buy - Download!
The Download version of File Encryptor is fully functional, except that you cannot change the encryption keys

New INGMOs Camtacius

Workspace automat for Camtasia

What it is

Camtacius is a light weight utility for managing the TechSmith Camtasia workspace. Camtasia is a fantastic product, and for many the preferred tool for making documentation, video tutorials and all kinds of recordings of what happens on the computer screen.

Camtasia 2020 - detachable timeline

With version 2020, the ability to detach the timeline from the main application was introduced. However, for the time being, Camtasia 2020 will not store your workspace. So the next time you start Camtasia, you need to repeat the task of detaching the timeline and realigning it manually, the way you prefer on your monitors setups.

Automate your workspace!

INGMOs Camtacius will fix it! No more tedious resizing, positioning and alignment of the timeline and the main app window!
This small applet will register your Camtasia workspace, save it, and restore it the next time you start Windows and/or Camtasia. And thereby save you time. You can store up to four workspaces. Automatically - it works in the background.
Operating system: Windows 10.

Coming INGMOs FFmpeg Commander

The only video converter you'll need

This application takes advantage of the free FFmpeg library. FFmpeg is kind of a Swiss army knife in the multimedia world.
FFmpeg has built-in methods for converting almost any thinkable multimedia file format, plus a few more.
Because FFmpeg is a command line utility, you would normally use a script file to carry out the various commands.
What INGMOs FFmpeg Commander does, is to help you organize your collections of FFmpeg commands, and serve as an interface to the command line. It also has a monitor window where you can watch the output from FFmpeg, as its processing proceeds.

The basic version of INGMOs FFmpeg Commander will be free. And combined with the free FFmpeg library, it probably it will be the only video and audio converter most people would need.
A professional version is also being developed, which will have more functions, among those a possibility to control splitting and merging of video clips.
Stay tuned – subscribe to our newsletter, and get an e-mail when it is released!

Coming INGMOs Subtitler Pro - Professional SRT Editor

The professional way of creating subtitles

Small countries, like Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands, do not dub movies or TV interviews with foreigners. They use subtitles.
These countries have more than 60 years of experience adding subtitles in TV production and in the cinemas. And the people in these countries are used to reading these subtitles, and used to hearing the original voice of actors and foreign celebrities.
INGMOs Subtitler Pro is taking advantage of this experience, and is by default using the style developed over all these years. This is a style, which lets you watch a full length movie with subtitles, without getting eyestrain or fatigue. You can, however, change the style to your liking, font, color, shade color, outline and position, everything is customizable.
INGMOs Subtitler Pro excels in user friendliness and speed. While you in your normal video editor would need perhaps an hour to add subtitles to an interview, in Subtitler Pro it can be done in minutes. And then all the subtitles can be exported into various formats, even proprietary Adobe Premiere formats.
INGMOs Subtitler Pro is for the videographer, documentarian, TV producer or any enthusiastic YouTuber dealing with people talking different languages. It is all about getting peoples' message through, and still maintain their original unique voice flavor.
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